Better this way


It's better this way,


Young beauty:

Jet hair,

Fair face,

Silver figure

From black slacks sloping

To slender sweater and back. 


It's better this way.


Around you

Candlestars shine

In the empty pints,

Glow in the cider,

Lose their light in murky lager.


Itís better from a few stools away,

Submerged in the music

And chatter on all sides

To watch you tell your story

To your crowd.


Itís better to stay here

And watch your lovely featuresí dance:

Eyes expanding brightly,

Cheeks rising and falling,

Teeth flashing and fading.


It's better not to hear

Your probable TV prattle,

Your sly mockery,

Or your scandals petty.


Better to sit and think

How Aquinas labored

On those 5 proofs

When all he needed

Was the view I have right now.


-- May 2004