Crier's bell, ring true,

Ring loud, ring clear, though cracked

The course events necessitate. 

The reign has ended, morning rises,

So Eagle/Ego/I go.

Let it be known/heard 'round the world

The one silent/disregarded/mocked

Has watched and not forgotten

Has felt and, pitiless, tallies

The mounting debt of those who laughed

And lightly took

The love that leaked

From the cracked bottle/my heart.

Its spirit was/is too strong

For those who spurned/ignored/rejected

The force that holds them helpless

Long after imminent/immanent/eminent Death.


A final gift I leave

To each/all of you

The knowledge that the final work of

Your betrayal is complete

(Let it ring!)

I am the one. 


World, know/see

The loving brothers/affected sisters

Whose power punies

Before the bleeding artifice which

Their lives/selves/follies

Him/her it imprisons

In this playpen/crib/cradle from which

(Let it ring!)



Written Spring 1986.